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JPR LABS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 ,Vide CIN : U24232AP2010PTC069282, Dated 08-09-2011.

The Company got allotment of Land 4.16 acres bearing Plot No. 74/A, Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City Parawada, Visakhapatnam by APIIC & Ramky Pharma City (India) Limited, Visakhapatnam.

The total area is 17,000 Sq. Meters & Build up area is about 5,500 Sq. Meters. The green belt and roads Approx. 4,000 Sq. Meters. Remaining 7,500 Sq. Meters proposed for future expansion

Pharma City is well connected to Airport and Seaport and is about 600 km east of Hyderabad
Spread over 2500 acres
Pharma City will provide hassle free environment for Pharmaceutical manufacturing with facilities like Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Common Hazardous Waste management, Marine Outfall for discharge of treated effluents and Logistics Hub.

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JPR Labs History

Founded in the Year 2012.
The facility is operational from SEPTEMBER, 2013.
Key focus is to manufacture APIs and Intermediates for regulatory & Non-regulatory markets.
State of the art facilities for manufacturing.
JPRL is managed by a team of professionals with rich academic and research background with several years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.

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JPR Labs - Infrastructure
Power :
The unit requires 600 HP Load Under HT connection to meet the demand from various manufacturing blocks. The company has already getting approval for 630 KV from SE/APEPDCL, Visakhapatnam.

Water :
The water requirement of the unit is estimated to be at 56.42 KL per day out of which 20KL will be consumed and generates 36.42 KL of waste water which is to be recycled. The company procures water from M/s Ramky Pharma City India Ltd.

Effluent Water Treatment :
The proposed unit generates waste water from its manufacturing operations which requires treatment. The waste water generated from the units is transferred to the effluent storage tanks of the unit, same will be collected by the M/s Ramky Pharma India Ltd for further treatment.

Transportation :
The proposed site is just nearer to Lankelapalem Junction which is adjacent to NH-5 or 20 KM from Visakhapatnam Airport.

Licenses and Approvals:
  • APPCB (Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board)
  • VAT (Value addition Tax)
  • DIC ( District Industrial Corporation)
  • E.C.C ( Excise Central code )
  • IALA (Industrial area local authority)
  • IEC (Import & Export License)
  • Director of Factories
  • Boiler Certificate

In the second block installed capacity is 40 KL ( SSR-11 No’s - From 1KL to 5KL & GLRs-2 No’s. -2KL & 3KL)

In the first block installed capacity up to 100 KL ( SSR-11 No’s – From 2KL to 5KL & GLRs-2 No’s. -3KL & 4KL)

In the first block we are planning to increase the installed capacity up to 100 KL which will be completed by 31st December 2014.
JPR Labs - Warehouse

Material Management System is in place.
Dedicated areas for Dedusting, Quarantine, Sampling, Dispensing, approved for Raw materials, Packing materials and Rejected materials.
Sampling and dispensing room is equipped with RLAF system.
Separate storage areas for Intermediate and finished products.
JPR Layout

JPR Labs - Layout
JPR Bolck
JPR Layout
JPR Labs - Quality Control
JPR Bolck
JPR Bolck
JPR Bolck
JPR Labs - Security Office
JPR Bolck

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